About Us

The journey

Like many of you, here at Brösh, we are concerned about the amount of waste that is disposed of every year. There is so much that can be done to reduce the amount of non-disposable products, which we use on a day to day basis.

The idea was born and here at Brösh HQ we started to think about where we would start and which products we could offer you to help us in our quest to create a more sustainable planet.

Since there are roughly 66 million people in the UK who, on average, use 4 toothbrushes a year, well you can do math…. It’s a staggering mountain of waste. The first product was firmly on our radar.

There is a very good alternative to using plastic to make a toothbrush, bamboo is not just a substitute to plastic, and it is in fact the better option. Bamboo is 100% biodegradable; in fact, you can just throw it in with the compost. On top of this, bamboo has natural ‘anti-bacterial’ properties and is therefore the ideal material to use to make a toothbrush handle.

The bamboo that Brösh uses is FSC-certified and grown in a sustainable way.

Bristles and myths
The bristles of the Brösh toothbrush are made of Nylon which, we know, is not ideal. Believe us we are looking for alternatives, there is no such thing as a compostable bristle yet. Anyone offering a "natural" bristle should be questioned, that’s unless you are prepared to brush your teeth with pig hair…. Not something that we like the idea of.

As the bristles only make up a very small proportion of the toothbrush, we recommend snapping the brush-head off or removing the bristles with pliers and put them in with the normal waste.



All our packaging is recyclable; we have heard many stories from people who have ordered a sustainable toothbrush which subsequently arrives in lots of packaging material which often includes plastics. Brösh uses ‘Green’ Jiffy bags so your toothbrush will arrive undamaged without putting further pressure on the environment.

We need you
We hope that you will support us in our quest to make this a more sustainable planet for the generations to come. 

About Us